Friday, May 2, 2014

ESOTW: Manzanitakids

Deer Rattle, Wood Rattle, organic baby toyWood Toy Blocks, eco friendly baby toy with gift bag

This Seattle couple designs and creates organic baby toys-- like rattles and stacking blocks-- made of wood over at manzanitakids. And the best part is, they're completely reasonably priced and are a perfect go-to for early Montessori education.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fear Mongered Mommas: ObamaCare is Going to Force The Mark of The Beast On All of Us Weaklings

photo by Beth Rankin via Flickr

Behold, The Mommy Lyfe's Fear Mongered Mommas. Part of being a mom is wading through the rhetoric thrown at us everyday, especially in the age of social networking, so that we can relay the world around us back to our kids in a calm, rational way-- which can be hard when stories like the one I read this morning, ObamaCare is Going to Force The Mark of The Beast On All of Us Weaklings are the norm of what's being presented to us as fact. Still, I think it's important, not only because it's empowering, but also because nothing fights fear like truth.

These stories are usually just posted by well-meaning friends who don't have the window between when Curious George hops on a bus and when Curious George hops into a vat of pressed apples to research the validity of the sources.

Well guess what? I do. I do.